Saroo Brierley

Aged only 5, he lost all contact with his family in India, when he was at a train station waiting for his brother who never returned.

See-Saw Films Acquires Rights to the Saroo Brierley Story

The producers of “The Kings Speech” are planning a feature based on Brierley’s autobiography, which tells how he used Google Earth and childhood memories to find his Indian birth mother after a 25-year separation.   SYDNEY – See-Saw Films has secured the rights to the yet-to-be published autobiography of Indian –born Australian-raised Saroo Brierley, who came […]

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He’s our Slumdog Millionaire

HAPPY ENDING: Saroo Brierley, 30, spent years searching for the family from whom he was separated 25 years ago. FROM begging in the slums of India to becoming a successful Hobart businessman, Saroo Brierley’s life has taken some unexpected twists. Last week it came the full circle when he returned to India and was reunited […]

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Saroo Brierley Reunited With Mother Fatima Munshi After 25 Years

KHANDWA, India — Saroo’s eyes snapped open and everything was suddenly, horribly, wrong. The 5-year-old’s tiny body was still curled up on the hard wooden seat of the Indian train, just as it was when he’d drifted off to sleep. The rattle of the train was loud and steady, just as it always was when […]

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